"Dude, this guy ain"t no poser!" exclaims Miller from Upland.

Having completed several Mc Twists and now into an intense aerial

flight barefoot, Hawk, Hosoi and Caballero felt the barefoot skater was

inventive, breathtaking and totally awesome - indeed, a new sensation for the NSA.

Lopes, cruising into the backyard scene smoking a dube and wearing a

"If we can't take our Schmitt Stix into Heaven,we'll ride into Hell"

shirt, is in total shock. "Whoa, dude!" were his only words.

"This guy isn't from around here," somebody noted to the sound of a

six pack cracking open under the balmy skies of L.A. "I feel this skater

is different - his eyes are like fire," Hosoi responds.


"I sense he's not even from this stinkin' planet," Lopes responds.

"Did you notice his friends on the ramp? Dude, they're dressed in white!"

"Hey bud! Jesus shreds" exclaimed one of the guys in white. Have you

ever heard of the King of the Waves? dude, He created them and He shreds them."

By now the Lord made Schneer's "Ho-Ho plant" look wilted and the

"Bone-ups" were performed with the greatest of ease. Lopes' eyes started

to water from the sheer sensation of seeing the Lord shred. A friend

walked over and said: "Joe, Jesus loves you, man! The Lord is here to

prove to you that you don't need to "ride into Hell."

Eternity is a freegift of God

all you got to do is to ask Jesus to dwell inside of your heart, man.

. . Go for it!"


At this point Jesus had finished his demonstration and walked over

to Joe saying, "Follow me!"

Joe Lopes fell to his knees, dropped his board an wept at the feet of

Christ. Hawk, Hosoi and Caballero were touched, as evidenced by the

tears in their eyes. Suddenly, Jesus and all His friends in white

vanished before their very eyes. Everyone was speechless.


Dude, doing the Rocket Air or perhaps a 720, McTwist or any other

skating sensation can't compare to God's intense love for you. Ponder

it! Jesus is alive and wants you to accept Him into your heart. It is

awesome, Dude. Give your life to Christ - be filled with the Spirit of

God. Your life will be changed. Your skating will be freer because you

will have life and you can skate for the King of Glory.


Remember - Jesus Shreds - so , go for it. Stand up for God and be

counted as a Christ-follower. Jesus really loves you, and we do too.

Now that's radical!


What you should do now that you have accepted Christ :


1) Pray daily. (I Thessalonians 5:17, Luke 16:1)

2) Get a Bible & read it daily. (Acts 17:11)

3) Witness for Jesus, tell your friends. (Acts 1:8,5:2)

4) Find a church that believes in Jesus,

where the Bible is preached and you are loved. (Hebrews 10:25)

5) Get baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38)


"The King of the Waves, He created them

and He shreds them!"©


An original "God Squad" message. 1984©

Reprinted 1998. Written by Dave Rickard

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