The Radical Reverend Doctor Dave Rickard. Who is this Guy?

Well , he used to be a youth pastor, a Doctoral in Psychology, ran church youth groups from 3 to 300 youth! He wrote all the gospel tracts that we used to hang out, years ago. His secret to getting kids to come to church? No secret, he ran a street ministry, his kids got out their and witnessed Christ in the streets, malls to everybody they came in contact with. They all had fun, even the shy ones who learned how to "break out of your shell!" . Signs, miracles and wonders would follow. We all saw the sick healed, the demons cast out of some kids, the lame walk, legs grow, everything imaginable. A real ministry, the only problem was the pastors got jealous of Dave's work.

He did that several times in his life. Now he raises Macaw birds, he has nine of them right now ( 7/09) and works for "disaster recovery" for the Santa Barbara government.

He is one of the only successful Macaw breeders in the Northern Hemisphere! They bred in his bedroom. Lay eggs on his bed. Other breeders try and try with no luck. Dave's birds are his family, that is how he is successful. He loves his feathered family. They lay eggs next to his pillow. He wrote all the literature for the GOD SQUAD gospel tracts. He is still alive living in Los Angeles some place.

(last seen 4/2016)

He plays and records music, a piano/keyboard and harmonica blues master. Come back for more updates on this guy. You will be glad you did.

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More birds below, scrowl down.

Dave Rickard is now on FaceBook. Go see his friends from way back.

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