Crop Circles & Aliens

My Christian friends are giving me flack for posting these mysterious works of art. A corn field medium from artists from another planet. Made by people or spirit beings with higher intelligence. We should be aware of deception from spiritual dark dimensions. I find this subject quite fascinating. If the major 6 medias, seem to block out this crop circle information. The patterns , the warnings, the connection with those paying attention to the art form. has been taught that "space aliens" are a deception from Satan and that once considered the "Crop Circles" nothing but a hoax. If you take some time and watch this movie, you will find out that Crop Circles are a special message for you about the coming future, they are trying to warn us of drastic change ahead. Watch the film "What On Earth?" that they will NOT see on TV. You will be enlightened, pray as you watch.

I did some research on Crop Circles, I searched the Bible Codes. Bible Code search : "crop circles" came up with the word " Anunnaki " The Anunnaki where to have been the intelligence force behind the pyramids and Egyptian & Samaritan culture. They may also be the fallen angels who mated with fair women and messed with the DNA and genes and made giants out of God's created humans. The giants are mentioned in the Book of Enoch , that is missing out of the Bible, because it mentions all the demons names . If you know the demon's name you can cast them out, if your known by the Holy Spirit and have knowledge of God's healing anointed power. Giant humans and dinosaurs made God upset so He took them out by creating the largest flood on earth. He spared only Noah and his family and the animals, You have heard the story. I enjoyed the movie, it en lighted me to get more ready to meet our creator, sooner than you think. Matthew 24:37-39 "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.Have a great day. Bro Andrew



Book of ENOCH the oldest BOOK in the World!



Instead of the looking at Crop Circles, focus on what Arthur is doing.

Read about the Cross Man an his DVD movie is highly recommended. You will be blessed by viewing it, you will laugh, you will cry , your heart will pour out, it will make you melt in the presence of the Lord. It did to me, when I first watched it. Very powerful message "THE CROSS" amen.

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The Treasure Movie! A must see movie for everybody!

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"Dudes & Dudettes, you have entered a most outstanding Web site, perhaps the most un-understood web site ever, because the religious hipsters do not want to see Jesus surfing, or Jesus skiing, or, Jesus boarding, no, Jesus to them is some dude, on a cross they can sell for $9.95 or some weird rap. Bras and Sis, let me assure you with everything I am about, all that is within me, and all what this web page is about by Brother Andrew, Jesus is simple, Jesus is pure, Jesus is love, Jesus IS…Jesus is not about jamming you in hell, or making you miserable, or, walking behind you to scold you, no, Jesus is much more, Jesus wants to be IN YOU. Jesus is a Blast, Jesus is FUN. "

The truth is, Jesus is a Spirit, like the “Wind” a power source you can not see, necessarily, but you can see the results. If you allow Jesus to have his resurrection power in your life, if you dare allow him to come inside of you, you will be changed forever. Asking Christ to come into your heart isn't like taking LSD, or smoking dope, or anything like getting high, He is so much bigger then the stoners, because Jesus is the real deal, 100% genuine!!! Dudes and Dudettes. bow your hearts and your mind right now, reading this I want you to say “Lord Jesus, I want you right now to come into my life, I need you Lord, I want you to empower me with your Resurrection Love, your glorious power to forgive me of all my sins and failures, I am calling on you Lord, please show me YOU, I am asking to be ‘Born Again’ of the Spirit of your Father, God Almighty. Please, right now allow me to feel you, believe in you and be a part of your love to the world. Thank you Jesus for coming into my life, Amen.”

Please , if you have prayed that prayer, or a prayer like that because you came across this web page, take a minute to write Brother Andrew, or myself, Dave Dude, and let us know. We want to e-mail back to you and encourage you, you are important, important enough to post this web page, important enough to pray for, important enough for Jesus to die for and rise again. God Bless You – later. (message by the Doctor D.Rickard MD. )


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Jesus is King of the Net !
Even though He does not really belong here, His Love extends to you!

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"Be Prepared" ( Boy Scout motto)
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Parable of the 10 virgins is for TODAY

A must read for all who want to be saved & be ready for the TRUE RAPTURE of Love from this planet.
This amazing event could happen at any time, 3.5 years (tribulation) before 12/2012 is now. 6/09

To learn about the Illuminati and the New World Order, by watching a few videos go here. 6/15/09



Supreme Court Justice Edward H. Lehner was asked the question
“Why did Building 7 come down?" His reply was "Building What?"
The demo-ed building that fell in 6.5 seconds on 9-11-01 at 5:30PM


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9/11 Truth falls on deaf ears. Does it make you wonder? Why the 5 main stream news and TV Corps don't WANT you to know the REAL TRUTH behind "9/11" and "Crop Circles? " but your Savior wants you to be wise as serpents and smarter than the OWL. YOU ARE GOD's PEOPLE! Please stand up and fight for your US Constitution of rights, soon to be gone over night!
Be Prepared!
Get up Stand up , stand up for your rights! March in parades, shout with mega phones on the sidewalks. Block traffic and raid a donut store with all your colleagues.

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