"The Day After The Rapture"
updated 5/1/19

"Rapture" (taken away quickly) comes from the Latin Bible 'rapiemur' meaning in English 'rapture', not in the KJ version of Bible. Also the word "harpazo" is also in the original Greek version, penned by Paul of Tarsus, in which means "violently taken away" faster than a twinkle of an eye. 100th of a second! In the modern King James Bible the word 'Rapture' is changed to "caught up" in I Thessalonians. 4:17

The "Rapture" the event you will believe in , , after it happens. The door will shut. Most folks will be left behind, due to not trusting in the Savior, making fun of those who do believe in Jesus and live as if He was their best friend. sorry I have to tell you this info. Hoping and praying for you to change your mind, allow the Savior in. He standing at your door. Knocking, smiling laughing and calling your name" wake up, time to go." A Grand Wedding Feast is coming, your the bride of Christ, for you found a friend through this life and you hung with Him as best you could. MORE INFO ON RAPTURE.

The Day After Roswell, the Corso book basically tells us that much of modern technology came from downed UFO craft, flying saucers that crashed on Earth. The most famous was the crashed discs at Roswell, NM, in 1947. Well a scientific re-engineering process started years after the crash in Los Alamos, Area 51, NV and other secret bases. 1947, 50 years later 1987 the Corso book came out, where man got the "micro chip and the modern PCB board from", Kevlar™, mylar™, velcro™, fiber optics, metal mixes that can take extreme heat and much more. Some will argue, that man created the micro-chip, not so, if you ask someone who worked on the re-engineering DOD projects.

One day I asked the Lord on high."Father why did you give man modern technology though a little gray demon ? ?" A little gray robot, who was made by taller gray creatures, who are guided by reptilian, snake looking creatures, very obvious demonic beings, all created by Satan, Lucifer the fallen LOSER who can not repent to GOD. You on the other man, can still REPENT and follow Jesus, finally in your lost life. Jesus will NEVER forsake you! Have you had enough with this life? Then choose Jesus now!

I did not get an answer right away, it took months for GOD to reply. His timing, not ours. Sometimes He does not want us to know the answer to a question, but give Him time and he will respond eventually. Have faith. One day, I heard a preacher say "Satan can not create new creations, he can only copy what God has done already." Right then, I thought about the Lil gray giving us technology to the secret military Majestic 12. Supposedly high up clearance US military US generals shook hands with the grays and made them a deal, technology for the right to abduct humans to further their agenda of trying to replicate themselves. All in the Roswell book and others.

Back to the "right then" I thought so the Lil' grays only have copies of better flying craft ? ? Right then, the Lord (Holy Spirit) spoke to me "They copied the craft of my friends, other space people who are told NOT to come to Earth and interfere with my world down there. The demons do not obey me and they crashed their ships on purpose to leak out the computer. Now the computer has been a great help to mankind, bringing us all kinds of fast communications and knowledge increased. The gospel can be spread fast though computers, phones, etc. That part is great in the eyes of GOD, but the down fall of the computer is the AI computer and the demonic black cube "D Wave" computer at CERN, Switzerland. (AI = artificial intelligence) Look up the D-Wave computer and the AI computer the BEAST computer system of the NWO LOSERS in the end days. They will run the earth for 7 years with this AI computer. They will cause many powerful demons to come up from the hell inside the Earth, though sink holes in the crust's surface, to crawl up and haunt mankind. Cern, Switzerland is located over a demonic gate, where they have the most expensive science project that the world has ever seen. The Hadron Collider, the sink hole maker and demon hole maker and our protective magnetosphere destroyer

The Day After the Rapture, panic will hit mankind who survive the fireballs and the large comet that causes the shorelines to change though out the world. During this rapturing away, most children will be taken up, out of harm's way. Many will lose their children and panic will be rampant, if you survive. Hopefully you are reading this before the rapture and today you decide to take on Jesus. Give him a chance, just go to your bedroom, alone or with a loved one and fall on your knees, ask the Lord Jesus. "R U REAL? R U the Lord of Lords? and the King of Kings? For I'm asking today. I realize I'm a sinner and I need you to cover my sins with your shed blood, over 2000 years ago. Please allow we to believe in you and today I let you in. Come and SAVE my soul. Come Holy Spirit and fall all over me, forgive me for I have sinned. I need you Lord Jesus in my heart today, make me a new heart that forgives others and trusts in you. Get a King James Bible and read the red letters. When I first read the red letters that Jesus spoke in the 4 gospels, Mark, Matt. Luke and John, these words leaped up off the page and came into my being, I never had a book do this before. Now this happened after I repented and laid my life prostate on the floor of the Cayucos Dolphin Inn, back in Nov. of 1980.

Written by Andrew M. Batty ( aka Bro. Andrew) "Batty" is a Welsh name that means "battalion commander" the name came from Rome back in the 1000's, migrated to Wales, Kirby Longsdale, Lancashire. Webster tells us the name means "crazy" when my Grandfather and later the Holy Spirit told it means "battaLION commander" . I am apart of the LION's ARMY, the army of GOD, headed by Michael the Archangel from the Tribe of Judah. Come join the army, do not sit back and do nothing, for you will be accounted for all that you do. Jesus is the WORD. Rev. 19:13

Killing the goats with a baseball bat.

(BATTY, a Welsh name that means : BattaLION Commander)

The Ultimate Roman Road to Salvation with kewl music. By "Beam me up" Scottie Clarke.

What to do if you miss the Rapture video. By Robert Breaker, a great Baptist preacher.

Learn about the AI quantum computer designed to track everything we do,
buy and believe in. Anthony Patch.

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Jim Ruddell memorial paddleout video with a rainbow. Jim was a SAVED brother, the whole town loved this man. He was kewl.

"God Showed Me the Last Days of Planet Earth! | Ken Peters" on the Sid Roth Supernatural Show over 25 years ago. 8/1/2018 re-run.

The California Chem Trail Drought Program 7/30/28 video

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Their are 7 other Rapture events in the Bible.

1) Enoch was Raptured. (Gen 5:42, Heb 11:5)

2) Elijah was Raptured. II Kings 2:1.11

3) Jesus was Raptured. (Mark 16:19, Acts 1:9-11 Rev 12:5)

4) Philip was Raptured. Acts 8:39)

5) Paul was Raptured. (II Cor. 12:2-4)

6) Body of Christ (1 Thes.4:17)

7) John was Raptured. (Rev. 4:1)

Some Mayan legends say that many Mayan natives disappeared (raptured?) through a portal in a cave near one of their Holy sites.

"Last Chance Boogie"
Music by Darrell Mansfield

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Rapture Dreams and Visions 2018 and they are many!!
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